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What We Offer

A positive preschool experience can have a lasting effect on a child that can be seen throughout their school years, and even into adulthood. Early childhood educators have a unique responsibility that comes with being the first teachers that young children come into contact with outside of the home. This puts them in a position to positively influence a young student’s attitudes toward school and learning, and to help instill positive habits that last a lifetime.

The wide availability of state-funded preschool programs has helped ensure that nearly all children in America today have access to a safe, nurturing and supportive environment in which to learn during the early stages of development. With a special appreciation for the importance of early childhood education, PreSchoolTeacher.org was created to offer aspiring early childhood educators a source of free information when researching state licensing requirements, teacher preparation programs, salary expectations, continuing education requirements, and advanced degree options.

The contributors that helped make PreSchoolTeacher.org a reality set out to develop a resource that would be helpful to early childhood educators at all stages. Whether selecting a state approved teacher preparation program in early childhood education, preparing for licensing exams, or exploring opportunities for career advancement through graduate work, PreSchoolTeacher.org will serve as an indispensible resource.