New Jersey Preschool Teacher “ROCKS!”

Reviewed by Mary McLaughlin, M.S. SpEd

Dawn Williams, a Preschool Teacher from Bedminster, NJ was recently chosen as a “Teacher Who Rocks” by WMTR 1250AM and WDHA 105.5FM.24 New Jersey Teachers are selected annually for their contributions to the educational community. Every Friday morning, two winners are showcased on air, highlighting each teacher’s accomplishments in the classroom.

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Williams has been a teacher at Matheny Education Center in Peapack, NJ, a school designed for students aged 3 to 21 with developmental disabilities, since 2012. A graduate of Centenary College, she is currently responsible for Matheny’s Preschool Program, which couples speech therapy with intensive occupational and physical programs in the classroom. The program has been designed to foster an exciting and social environment that makes learning fun for children who often struggle in the classroom and find learning to be frustrating and challenging.

The judges from the Greater Media stations, which are based out of Cedar Knolls, fell in love with Williams because of her commitment to ensuring she created a positive and enjoyable atmosphere for her students. Sean Murphy, Matheny’s Principal, said Williams is very compassionate and patient with her students. He added that she strives to make sure their desires and interests are taken into account when creating her classroom plans.

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Williams is one preschool teacher who goes above and beyond for her students. She believes that the best teachers motivate their students and help them build confidence in themselves so that they believe they can accomplish great things. She feels that truly great teachers teach their students to know no limitations, and to tackle challenges head-on so the only limitations are those students place on themselves.

Jairo Rincon-Galeano’s son is in William’s class and said she is, “so caring and loving. We are so glad she is our son’s teacher and his caregiver! She rocks!!”

In April, all 24 award recipients will be honored at a banquet held in their honor.