Parents Irate After Beloved Teacher’s Termination

Reviewed by Mary McLaughlin, M.S. SpEd

When it comes to children, people can be combative about the kind of education and care their own kids are receiving and it is up to teachers to be sensitive to both parents and children’s needs. In turn, teachers who are able to strike up positive relationships with parents might find them to be more dedicated than they could ever have expected.

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Kelly Hahn, Pre-K Teacher of the year at Wilkinson Early Childhood Center in St. Louis found out firsthand just how much her student’s parents cared about her when she was fired from Wilkinson not 15 days after receiving her award.

Parents of children in Hahn’s classes reported their kids coming home crying and asking where Mrs. Hahn had gone. Hahn was a favorite among Wilkinson’s teachers and the parents came together to find out why Mrs. Hahn had been fired and if she could be reinstated.

According to a letter Hahn received from the district she is being fired as a result of an incident that was labeled child neglect and endangerment. However, parents believe that this was due to an incident in which Hahn, after seeing that a child was wearing a diaper that was not allowed in the classroom, notified the child’s parents and left the offending diaper on.

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While the St. Louis public schools system cannot discuss the personal issue, and has not released an official statement as to why Mrs. Hahn was let go, parents are not satisfied. They have complained that the substitute that has replaced Mrs. Hahn is not a fully certified teacher.

Regardless of whether or not Mrs. Hahn’s termination was justified, it is heartwarming to see the lengths to which parents are willing to go to in defense of a beloved teacher.